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About Me

I originally graduated as a Speech and Language Therapist from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, in 1991 and have over 25 years experience working in the NHS. I have worked across Scotland and throughout Cumbria. Specialising in supporting children and young people with complex needs, I worked as Clinical Lead at James Rennie School, Carlisle, before joining the Specialist Advisory Teaching Service in Whitehaven as a Highly Specialist SLT working with children with developmental language disorder.

I have used Makaton with children and their families for many years, and have extensive experience working in schools to support children with speech, language and communication needs.  Early in my career, it was clear to me that many people, young, and not so young, would benefit from its use.  I strongly believe that providing good quality Makaton training, activities and ongoing support will have a significant positive impact on communication skills.  I am proud to now be dually qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist and Regional Makaton Tutor.

Accessing Makaton training is now easier than it has ever been. Face to face or online training is available for all sessions. It's up to you when and where you choose to learn your new skills.  Online training in particular enables many individuals and organisations to access training easily. If you're not sure if online training is for you, then do get in touch and we can make sure you get the course that's right for you.

Lorna Hutton

Regional Makaton Tutor

Speech and Language Therapist


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