Makaton Training

Please note, until Government Guidance changes, all Level 1-4 Workshops will take place online, using Zoom video conferencing


The best way to learn Makaton is to attend a workshop. Makaton training can only be offered by licensed regional tutors.  

Training is useful for parents, carers, health/education professionals and anyone who has an interest in learning signs to support communication.

Training is also available for businesses and community groups who want to welcome and support those who use Makaton

I can also help you and your organisation become Makaton Friendly.

Training available now:
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Online Makaton Training

*£69 per level.

Includes manuals and certificates which will be posted to you.

Discounts available for multiple bookings.  Contact me for more information .

Learn the signs and symbols of the Makaton Vocabulary and how to use them to support people with a wide range of communication needs. This is accredited, certificated training offered only by licensed tutors.  Build up your knowledge gradually by starting with Level 1.  

This training is delivered via Zoom to a maximum of 8 participants at any one time.  I offer practical support using Zoom to get started if necessary.  All the workshops are interactive and lots of fun.  You will be signing in sentences in no time at all.  

Each level takes between 7-8 hours to complete, and is usually delivered over two sessions

Level 1 Workshop.png
  • Learn Stages 1,2 and some Additional Makaton Vocabulary

  • Understand how we use signs and symbols to support communication

Level 2 Workshop.png
  • Learn Stages 3,4 and some Additional Makaton Vocabulary

  • Develop the skill to introduce Makaton and use it appropriately 

Level 3 Workshop.png
Level 4 Workshop.png
  • Learn Stages 5 and 6

  • Introduction to interpretation and translation of words into useful signing

  • Learn to analyse signs to improve accuracy

  • Learn Stages 7 and 8

  • Further develop your skills of interpretation and translation 

  • Learn to adapt to make Makaton inclusive and accessible to all

Introduction to Makaton Taster Session

Price -

£8 per person

(max 20 participants) 

Group bookings £90

This session is designed to give you an understanding of the Makaton vocabulary, what it is and how to use it.  You will learn around 30-40 useful signs and symbols and get lots of tips on how to introduce them at home or at work.

This can be done online via Zoom, or face to face if your setting allows.

For group bookings, signs will be selected to best suit your needs.

This is an informal, fun session, with lots of tips and ideas to take away.

Duration - 

1.5-2 hours

Total Communication  Workshop

Price -

£90 per setting

(max 25 participants)

This is a short training session looking at how using visual support can  boost communication skills.  It includes an introduction to signing and symbols.

You will learn around 30 signs appropriate to your setting and some activities to get started with signing. 

Duration - 

around 90 minutes

Bespoke Makaton Sessions

if you would like to learn Makaton, but the formal training isn't right for you, then I can work with you to provide what you need.

Please contact me to discuss your needs further.

Refresher Makaton Sessions

If you have already completed Makaton training, but would like to refresh and update your skills, and pick up some tips on getting going with signing again, then please get in touch.

*New* - I am now running free online and school based refresher sessions for those who have accessed training with me over the past few months.  These sessions will last around 60 minutes and will refresh signing skills, through word and sentence practice and of course games!  


Please get in touch if you are interested in accessing a refresher session


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