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Early Years Sessions

Using Makaton in the Early Years, Schools and Nurseries

Being able to communicate is one of the most important skills we learn.  There is increasing evidence to support the introduction of signs and symbols in early years settings to ensure inclusion for less confident communicators, to boost speech and language skills, and to help them access activities alongside their peers.

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The visual nature of Makaton signs and symbols helps all children communicate, whether they are speaking well or not.  There are lots of reasons for this:


  • Making words ‘visual’ helps make them more interesting so attention improves 

  • Matching a sign or a symbol to a word makes that word easier to understand

  • Signing when speaking reduces the amount you say and makes you say it more slowly so you are easier to understand   

  • Using symbols to label the environment, to introduce activities, and to make visual timetables help children focus and understand what is going on around them

  • Children whose speech is hard to understand can use signs to help them get their meaning across.  This can reduce frustration and encourage them to join in more.


And perhaps most importantly it is fun!  It is inclusive:  children with additional needs, reluctant communicators, children with English as an additional language can all join in a signed activity alongside more confident communicators.

Early Years Communication Sessions

Price -

£60 per hour

These are interactive sessions which introduce children to Makaton signs and symbols through songs, rhymes, games and stories.   They are tailored to suit the communication abilities of the group, with new vocabulary and concepts being introduced at an appropriate level.  Sessions can be topic based, using stories and songs matching the topic vocabulary to support learning.  Group size can vary from small ability selected groups, to whole class activities.  1:1 sessions to teach and support Makaton with individual children are also available.  I will work with you in your setting to create a total communication environment to support all children.


No previous Makaton use is necessary, although the Total Communcation training is useful for introducing Makaton theory, signs and symbols to staff prior to sessions starting.  (see training page for details).

Makaton for Families

Price -

£60 per hour

I can help you introduce Makaton at home.  I will assess your communication needs to develop a personalised programme to introduce signs and symbols into everyday life.

Activities are designed to be fun to help everyone learn and use their new signs.

Where appropriate, I will liaise with other settings, such as school, nursery, childminder, to help embed the new skills and ensure consistency.

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