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Amy R
Makaton training Levels 1,2
February 2021

I really enjoyed this training. It was great to be able to sign during the powerpoint so you felt less visible while the signs were still new!

Angela D
Makaton training Levels 1,2
February 2021

Brilliant - I loved the course structure, breaking it down into a bit of information, then practical, then learning signs worked really well.  And it was fun!

Evie A
Makaton training Levels 1,2
February 2021

A brilliant course that is very informative.  Lots of support and advice is provided along the way.

Karen B
Makaton training L 1,2,3,4
January 2021

I have loved every single training session with Lorna.  The content is relevant, useful and thought provoking.  Lorna also has the magic touch of providing training that is fun and varied.  The resources are of a high standard and Lorna is very organised in her communication of those resources.

Evelyn H
Makaton training Levels 3,4
January 2021

Really great training.  Lorna is a great teacher and makes the time fly!

Jo P
Makaton training Levels 1,2,3
December/January 2021

As always, fabulous, fun, friendly, patient.  Thank you Lorna, you are just wonderful!

Gillian Q
Makaton training Level 4
January 2021

Superb!  Would definitely recommend.  Especially to parents.

Keep up the brilliant work you do.

Emily R
Makaton training Levels 1,2
July/September 2020

This training was really enjoyable. Lorna was such a good teacher. Happy to answer questions. We all really enjoyed ourselves and had a giggle whilst learning lots very effectively.

Nina H
Makaton training Levels 1 & 3
August/October 2020

I have done 2 courses with Lorna and they have both been amazing.  Will definitely do Level 4 with her.  She makes it easier to retain and explains the signs too, which helps with teaching my son.

Thank you so much Lorna

Karen D-B
Levels 1,2,3
May-October 2020

The training was brilliant.  It was informative, relevant, useful.  

I liked the fact it was longer blocks. 

It gave me a chance to really focus on what we were doing.

Gillian Q
Levels 1,2,3
September/October 2020

What an enjoyable experience!Lorna made the training fun and engaging. Brilliant hearing others views and opinions.

I was a bit unsure about doing the training over Zoom, but it was stress free and enjoyable. We had lots of fun and laughter.

Antonia P
Level 3
October 2020

Relevant, interesting and practical content.  Fantastic teaching-expertise, engaging, met everyone's needs.  An all round excellent course.  

Thank you Lorna

Caroline J
Levels 1,2
May/August 2020

It was great to be able to access the course via Zoom, it worked really well.The course was well delivered and really interesting

Natalie R
Levels 1,2
May 2020

The Training was fantastic, very useful and Lorna was amazing. Everything was explained and demonstrated and I got so much out of the training. It is one of the best courses I have been on.

Sarah Kirkbride

Deputy Headteacher

Cumbria Academy for Autism

May 2020

Lorna provided online training via zoom for the majority of our staff during lockdown. We received our training information and materials well in advance of the course and she communicated with all of us on a personal level. Lorna was incredibly professional throughout, but her warm, friendly personality meant that we all felt relaxed and comfortable throughout.  Our staff learned a great deal and are feeling confident about applying their training in the classroom for those children who would benefit from it when school reopens fully.  It is certainly an enjoyable, worthwhile training course. 

Caroline Pratt

Owner / Manager

Mayo Kindergarten


January 2020

"Lorna’s weekly signing sessions have been an excellent addition to our nursery –both children and staff look forward to them.  The sessions are fun and flexible to the needs of the children and set at a pace that keeps them engaged throughout.  Lorna links the activities to our topics so they are always relevant.  Even the youngest join in and attempt to make the signs.

Lorna is always professional and has developed excellent relationships with both children and staff.

We have seen many benefits since Lorna first started coming to us. All of our children demonstrate high levels of engagement and concentration, and an understanding that there are different ways of communicating; and some of our less confident children have demonstrated an increase in their confidence.

Children often incorporate the signs they have learnt into other sessions at Mayo, are  especially proud when saying their name with their fingers, and parents regularly tell us their child has talked about what they have learnt with Lorna.

It has given staff the confidence to use Makaton with other children who attend Mayo who have communication difficulties"

Laura Warwick

Nursery Teacher

Netherton Infant School


January 2020

"The children really enjoy the Makaton sessions with Lorna.  Each week she plans activities which link into the class topic but also the extend the children's development and understanding in a fun and hands on approach.  As the sessions start off with the same welcome song, the children have really grasped the concept of the signs, and even our children with English as an Additional Language have responded well.  The children have been using the songs and signs Lorna has taught us during their play even using them to retell stories independently"